Why Evolve Fitness Nashville?

Our mission is to provide the best Nashville fitness classes and personal training.

As an Evolve member you'll enjoy:
Safe, Smart programs tailored to your fitness goals and needs
Customized workouts that combine strength, endurance, and flexibility
The powerful fat loss effect of kettlebell training
Effective exercise techniques that will get you stronger than you ever thought possible
  • Track your progress through our online training platform
  • Education, accountability, motivation, confidence,
  • Meet new people, have fun, and expand your fitness knowledge
Easy access to Nashville’s only kettlebell gym and all of our world-class trainers
  • We hold you to your goals!

45 Minutes

Each session you attend is designed by our coaches to help you get leaner, stronger and move better. Training sessions last approximately 45 minutes, beginning with a warmup and mobility sequence, followed by a strength & conditioning session, and ending with a cool down and stretch.

Discover the Evolve Difference

At Evolve Fitness Nashville we understand that physical exercise is only one part of leading a healthy, fit, and balanced lifestyle, which is why we’ve developed a unique training system to help you achieve any goal no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Unlike traditional fitness classes and personal training, which focus primarily on physical exercise, our program also encompasses culture via lifestyle and nutritional guidance from our certified coaches along with support from the entire Evolve community.

Check out our offerings below to find out what our Nashville fitness classes and personal training sessions consist of:

Physical Culture

Want to know more about what we do? Start with a complimentary Foundations session with one of our certified fitness professionals. This includes a facilities tour, an overview of our training methodology, a fitness assessment and workout. We also offer continued fitness education through our monthly physical culture classes on different topics ranging from health, wellness, and nutrition to mobility, recovery, and habit change!


New to fitness? Recovering from a past injury or just wanting to get back into a routine? Get fit with nothing but your own body! Our minimalist approach delivers maximum results - you’ll get a stronger core, healthier joints, and workout ideas you can do anytime anywhere.


Our flagship programming utilizes the power of the kettlebell to burn fat and increase total body strength and conditioning. Evolve Fitness offers smarter, safer kettlebell classes under the direction of StrongFirst certified instructors!


Take your skills to the next level with our barbell program!
Get stronger than you ever thought possible the smart, safe way with our Power and Olympic Weightlifting certified coaches.

Ian Titus

Fitness Coach

Ian has gone through many transformations in becoming a strength advocate. His journey from a rebellious high school jock to struggling college musician (actually, he held onto this persona into his thirties) to graphic designer and, ultimately, to someone who learned how the power of strength changes and challenges the way one thinks and builds confidence. Now, he can't seem to think about much past encouraging others to become stronger and healthier. Kettlebell and barbell training, coupled with personalized nutrition, have expanded his perspective on the capabilities of the human body. He is confident that with hard work you will develop a similar outlook as it pertains to your goals.

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us to set up a complimentary Foundations session. During this session we will evaluate your current fitness levels and set future fitness goals!


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