Essential Qualities of a Personal Fitness Trainer

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September 21, 2015
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September 21, 2015
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Essential Qualities of a Personal Fitness Trainer


The trend for choosing a personal fitness trainer in Nashville has recently grown. It’s like a wave of enlightenment – everyone has become increasingly aware of the importance of staying fit. The world is moving towards a healthy future. Eating right, exercising and avoiding junk food seems to be the latest trend. Sometimes it may get difficult to stay on track with so many things to lure us from our goals. Here’s where a personal trainer could be of great help. A personal trainer helps you stay on track no matter what!

But, what qualities should a personal trainer posses to help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals? Let’s check out the basic qualities:





Passion for fitness

So the saying goes – practice what you preach. Your trainer should be equally passionate about fitness as he is about teaching you to be fit. He should have some kind of certificate from an accredited organization.  While, history has shown that great coaches may have never played a game, in the case of a personal trainer, you need to check whether he has at least studied the science that goes behind it and is not randomly throwing in an exercise here and there.


This is a very important point to consider. If you are hiring a personal trainer, you need to make sure that he knows what he is talking about! He should be able to analyze your current health conditions and design a fitness regime for you that will suit your health and lifestyle. This will not be possible unless he is knowledgeable enough to do so. He should be great at his job! That’s when you get value for your money!

Communication skills

Communication skills are an important element of a personal trainer’s job. It’s about effective listening and critical thinking which is very essential in order to help someone achieve their goals. Constant communication about the progress and recommended changes in diet as well as exercises should be a common topic.

Empathy and compassion

The greatest driving force is empathy. The trainer should not be just a good listener, but should empathize and understand what you want at the end and should slowly but steadily help you achieve your goals. There should be an attitude to work together towards a common goal rather than ‘instructing’ and ‘commanding’.

The key is to hire someone you are just comfortable with. You should be able to communicate what your aim is and the trainer should be able to listen, understand and use his knowledge to design a perfect workout plan for you along with changes in diet. He should also be able to provide you with regular counseling and reports to make sure that you are on track. Keeping you motivated and helping you achieve your desired fitness goals is what the trainer should strive for!

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