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Spartan Race!

Spartan Race

Interested in trying something new?  Perhaps you want to take your training to the next level and need a goal that will challenge you physically and mentally!  Enter…the Nashville Spartan Race!

Whether you are new to fitness or have been training for a while this event is sure to be a blast!  The Nashville Spartan will take place on September 23rd and is a sprint consisting of a 3-5 mile course with around 20 obstacles!

We will be climbing walls, splashing through mud and hiking mountains as an Evolve Fitness Team and we want you to join us!  There is plenty of time to begin your training so if you are not yet a member sign up for your FREE foundations session here.

Our kettlebell and bodyweight classes will get you in shape and ready to go and we will be adding in some special group training once we get closer to the race with the entire Evolve Team.

Sign up here:  Spartan Sprint Nashville and be sure to join our team Evolve Fitness!  We will be heading up the 1215pm start time!

Hope to see you there!


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