Nashville kettlebell

May 25, 2016

What Do You Train For, Really?

A few weeks ago, Evolve Fitness Nashville had the privilege of hosting Chip Conrad of Bodytribe Fitness for a quick workout – or more closely, some […]
April 11, 2016

Meet Our Nutrition Coach!

At Evolve, we believe that having a sound nutrition program is a key part to any successful workout plan. No two people are alike; we have different goals, […]
September 21, 2015

Health Issues That Can Be Prevented By a Consistent Fitness Regime

A formidable challenge faced by many in today’s busy world with an almost sedentary lifestyle is the motivation to consistently exercise. The number of ailments caused […]
September 21, 2015

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Sooner With Personal Training

How many times have you set goals for workout and lost interest in just a few weeks? How many times have you enrolled yourself to a […]
September 21, 2015

Essential Qualities of a Personal Fitness Trainer

The trend for choosing a personal fitness trainer in Nashville has recently grown. It’s like a wave of enlightenment – everyone has become increasingly aware of the […]
September 21, 2015

The Incredible Benefits of Exercise

Working out is known to have numerous health benefits. Apart from muscle building and weight loss, exercise is also known to improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, it […]